__A new report on the thin film solar market suggests that one of the most promising technologies has promised more than it has delivered.  The report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets examines the developments and prospects for thin film solar panels made with Copper Indium Gallium (Di)selendine (CIGS) semiconductors.  CIGS semiconductors are used as light absorbing material for thin film solar panels.

According to the NanoMarkets report, CIGS has failed to be the printable high-efficiency, low-cost and flexible solar panel technology that was once hoped for by its advocates.  The report also notes that the Solyndra scandal in the U.S. has at its center a CIGS firm.  Yet despite all this, the CIGS industry has begun to ship panels in significant quantities.

The NanoMarkets report -- "CIGS Photovoltaics Markets-2012" -- will be released the week of January 30th.  Additional details about the report, including a table of contents, are available at: http://nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/cigs_photovoltaics_markets_2012  The report is listed at pre-publication pricing through January 30th.

This is NanoMarkets' latest report analyzing the CIGS industry and its prospects for the future.   NanoMarkets has been covering the CIGS space since CIGS' earliest days, and this report examines the future of this important solar panel technology from both the standpoint of the technical and the commercial.  It does so with a background in which it seems likely that many of the subsidies that have helped solar in the past will fade away and that the world economy will not return to the strong growth of the last decade for quite some time.

Among the important technical aspects of CIGS that this report covers are the likely evolution of CIGS fabrication and encapsulation and how these factors factor into market expansion and cost reduction for CIGS.  Much of the report is also devoted to the role that CIGS will play in the building-integrated PV (BIPV market) and how flexibility and price parity with silicon solar panels could considerably improve the revenues generated by CIGS technology in the near future.

The report includes an eight-year forecast in volume and value terms of CIGS markets broken out by applications and product type.  It also includes a discussion of the leading firms active in this space and their product/market strategies.

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